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Checklist for Moving House

April 25, 2014

Moving house can be a very tiring and taxing affair. Hopefully, by this point all the legalities are over, such as having your conveyancing solicitor check out your deeds and your mortgage company grant your loan.  Now comes the heavy lifting (literally). There is much more to it than simply the packing or unpacking. In truth, the process of packing and unpacking is not part of worries. Ensuring that people are in the know about your new location or address is just one among the time consuming tasks that you will be required to undertake. Not forgetting meeting last utility bills, doing telephone numbers transfers and sorting out internet connection or link. Preparing a list is a useful way to stay on top of everything.


Over and over, you will be requested for confirmation or evidence of your new residential address. You may be forced to wait until you receive your initial utility bill for your current location before you are effectively able to bring people up to date. To save on time, write or prepare a general letter giving your current address and then do attach a copy of  current utility bill to it.

Write a e-mail of notification with your current home details and dispatch it to all in your e-mail list. On the other hand, you may possibly print some cards with your scheduled moving date and would be address and post the same to all in the address book you have.


You must get in touch with your electricity, water and gas suppliers and notify them that you are moving. A closing reading will be recorded and a final bill issued. In case you are not very sure who the suppliers of your utilities are, dig out your previous bills and check, or alternatively contact your landlord. In the UK, for information about your electricity supplier, you can call your local Meter Point Administration Service.

Council Tax

To ensure that you are not charged over the normal on council tax, you should update or bring up to date your new details. Check out with your Council local office whose contact details should be on your last bill.

Removal firms

Your selected removal firm or agency can easily make or shatter your day of moving. It is essential to shop about to ensure that you receive the maximum value service at cost which you are happy with. The word of mouth serves as the most important recommendation, so inquire from family and friends for advice. If going for a country relocation then even more thought has to be put into which company you might choose.

And don't forget...

As you call the moving firms or visit them, remember to confirm or verify if they do provide insurance. By so doing, it will mean that your precious possessions are covered when moving.

Some moving companies in addition offer boxes and packaging. Be sure to ask about it as you request for a quotation.

Clearly mark or colour code each of your boxes that you will pack to ensure that the removal company knows room or location to place it in new property you are moving to. This will obviously save you a lot of unnecessary lugging afterwards.

Make it explicit to those doing removal if some items are in particular valuable or fragile and be sure to check them keenly to make sure they are handled with care.